Saturday, November 14, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 Update 11/14/15: Write-In Palooza

We are getting up to the halfway point in the 30-day novel writing effort (November 15 is the hump), and I just want to say at this moment: woot.

I am currently at 24,000-plus words.

My sexy vampire hasn't killed anyone yet, but the night is young.

Meanwhile, the Lakeland region write-ins have been getting decent turnouts at the Books-A-Million store. Pics or it didn't happen! From last week:

And for tonight's turnout:

She's using him as a standing board for her notebook
And everybody is hard at work! Except for the guy taking photos. Whoops... (speed types)

Keep writing! Those exploding penguin plot points don't write themselves!

(missing animated GIF of Monty Python penguins exploding. Damn The Man. You get a YouTube clip instead)


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