Sunday, April 29, 2007

My first vacation away from this library

I went on my first full week-long vacation away from work (I had been hired here back in August, and had taken a few days off once or twice before but not a whole week). Things I planned on doing during the vacation:
  1. Start work on the Great American Trashy Political Thriller Novel. Results: 10 pages. *head thump*
  2. Visit Gainesville, FL, my old workplace to see how things were and how my friends there were doing. Results: Ate at a really good Viet restaurant on University Ave. just a block from the campus. Bought a t-shirt honoring the back-to-back basketball team heh.
  3. Attend the Bucs Draft Party for the 2007 NFL Rookie Draft. I had planned on going to NYC in person for the draft (hence the whole week off), but my brother canceled out due to work and so... Results: Got bored out of my mind because I went solo and didn't have anyone to hang with the whole time.
  4. Attend a Pre-Dating event in St. Pete and see if I could hook up with an interesting woman who likes me for me (36-yr-old Monty Python comic-reading geekoid who is owned by two cats). Results: met about 4 teachers, 1 desalinization expert, and zero supermodels. Oh, I did meet a few ladies who were impressed that Tehya is a jumper... but that was about it.
  5. Naps and plenty of 'em. Results: my cats are impressed that I'm lazier than they are. ;)
End results: ton of paperwork back at the office on Monday. And they say the Protestant Work Ethic is a good thing... :-/

Friday, April 27, 2007

My first attempt at Catblogging

Do be patient, I'm hoping to see how successful I am on this endeavor... okay, the Add Image command is here (click):Aha! Here's Tehya opening one eye at me wondering why I'm bothering her during a catnap.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Introductions are again in order...

Hola. Welcome to my third blog (first one's regarding my adventures with City of Heroes, the second's regarding my interests in reforming government), this one focusing on my career as a librarian, currently working for a county library system in mah state of Florida.

This blog will focus on a few points of interest:

  • My observations on librarianship;
  • Interesting events related to my career development;
  • The horrific thought that someone else took as a blog address. DAMN! :weeping: :gnashing of teeth:
  • Oh, and the point of the blog's title: My ongoing quest to find the mythic Book With the Blue Cover!
Enjoy the spring! Talk to you soon. Please add comments. Thanks.

Finally! And Greetings!

In what had been an epic struggle, I finally secured a proper blog address for this site: And there was much rejoicing!

I'll be shifting things over from an earlier blog I was attempting on documenting my life experience as a librarian and as a smart-ss. Also, linkage to appropriate sites. And I'll do what I can to contribute to Friday Catblogging with the help of the two cats that own meh!