Thursday, November 30, 2017

NaNoWriMo Winner 2017

So I crossed the finish line to 50,000 words.

But the Invading Earth stuff I've written is a complete mess and nowhere near finished.

I NEED for once in my life to finish a damn novel. So this isn't over.

Finish the chapters. Edit the mess. Find a cover artist. Get 'er published.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I Survived the Clermont Comic Con... Mostly Because It's Not a Walk-A-Thon Up Them Hills

Have you ever BEEN to Clermont? You know, you can live a long time in Florida and get used to the idea of everything being flat or at least hilly, but by GOD you go to Clermont and all of a sudden you're dealing in VALLEYS AND MOUNTAINS EVERYWHERE! If you had to bike from place to place your heart would give out by the ninth block, I SWEAR...

Anyhoo, here are some photos of my Sunday excursion to the Clermont Performing Arts Center for their annual Comic Con:

The Pikachu Car made it to Clermont! And was able to drive up those damn mountains!

There's Scott trying to keep things organized. Met Scott through City of Heroes and a couple of events he hosted at a comic book store he once owned in Clermont. If you wanna keep up with his antics, check out Florida Geek Scene!

Here's me getting set up at my table! Remembered the book display this time!

Getting all set up for the day!

Getting the cosplayers walking by my table! I am trying to time the photos so that the Clermont Comic Con logo will be on that screen.

There was a film crew working on a documentary at this convention.

WONDER WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Justice League is a good movie. Way better than the shoddy Batman v Superman.

Battle of the Planets! Sadly, no Voltron cosplayers!

The table next to me was selling vintage Star Wars action figures and toys.

OMG. There is a classic Chewie action figure WITH BOWCASTER RIFLE.

Yes. I bought it.

Another closeup of the display table, because...


And hey, huge shoutout to John Crowther and his family as they were at the convention promoting their Rochelle series as well as their wrestling comic books.

So all in all, it was a good day.

One last thing: I need to try and show just how mountainous Clermont is.

Happy Turkey Pagan Sacrifice Day to ye all!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

CON TIME: Clermont Comic Con 2017!

I shall be hawking my wares THIS SUNDAY November 19th at the Clermont FL Performing Arts Center!

Follow the link here for address, hours, and tickets!

I will attempt to do some NaNo Writing while there!

Monday, November 13, 2017

I Survived the Orlando NaNo Region Write-In

While I'm a Municipal Liaison for the Lakeland/Polk County region, it helps to mingle with the other Regions in the area to maintain good ties, and let fellow writers know that other regions are nearby that may offer the occasional freaky event.

For example, the Orlando group has been doing this 'Round the Disney World Write-In where they go on a Sunday - when it's not as busy - and then commute across the various resorts (the hotels and restaurants are open: the parks themselves are EXPENSIVE) to find places to sit and write and experience the Disney ambiance.

The other Lakeland ML, Michelle, suggested joining in since Orlando is just an hour's drive away, and it'd be fun to see the sights. I was curious how the event would pan out, and one of the things about Write-Ins is that it gets you away from homebound distractions.

So, I went.

You had to park at Disney Springs - the open shopping mall area - because it's FREE, and then boat across the resorts to the Port Orleans / French Quarter stop, where the Write-In starts. I was late getting to the park, and worse I got lost trying to find the boats, so I admit I was a little stressed out by the first stop.

They had 58 (!) people show up for this Write-In!

We then had to take a tour bus across to the Magic Kingdom gateway for the monorail ride to the Polynesian resort. I've been here before...

And those statues are something of a family in-joke. I'll tell more later.

I actually got a lot of writing done here, and there were decent seating places to rest awhile.

The next stop was the Grand Floridian, where they had a Cinderella/Prince Charming procession and dance-off, which was won by Olaf I believe.

This was me by the end of the day. I wasn't able to get any writing done at the Grand Floridian: too noisy, too overwhelming.

And a Grand Finale at the Grand Floridian, as the survivors posed in front a a Gingerbread House before we ate it for nourishment. (I am somewhere in the back, since tall people shouldn't be seen in group photos)

It was a crazy, hectic Write-In. While it was good to get out, and it was great meeting a lot of the Orlando krewe, it was a bit stressful trying to move from one place to another. I've been told this was double their turnout from last year, so it's likely the logistics for this event got overwhelmed. I hope when they plan this for next year, the Orlando MLs do two things: 1) ask a Disney resort (the Polynesian was the best of the three IMHO) if we can rent out a spot (if a shared fee is needed by attendees, make sure it's not costly) for the Write-In or 2) reduce the dependence on the bus services, which caused a long delay for one-half of the group.

I hope everyone who attended got some writing done, and a hearty good luck to everyone doing NaNo!

Friday, November 3, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017: Write-In at Starbucks

There will be a Write-In for Lakeland NaNo at the Lakeside Village mall location at:

Starbucks, 1314 Town Center Drive S-102, Lakeland, FL 33803

This will be facing Harden Blvd.

Starting at 4:30 or so, it's an open event so you can arrive when you can and leave when you need.

Hope everyone is getting their word counts and staying focused on their next novel of noteworthiness.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017: Day One. First Line: We were somewhere around Bartow, on the edge of the citrus farms, when the drugs began to take hold...

(thinks it over)

Nah. It doesn't make sense.

Anyway, today is the start of the official National Novel Writing Month!

Get to it. 50,000 words. You can write this.

I'm going to write that Young Adult novel idea suggested by Diane Duane. And you can't stop me!