Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I Survived the Clermont Comic Con... Mostly Because It's Not a Walk-A-Thon Up Them Hills

Have you ever BEEN to Clermont? You know, you can live a long time in Florida and get used to the idea of everything being flat or at least hilly, but by GOD you go to Clermont and all of a sudden you're dealing in VALLEYS AND MOUNTAINS EVERYWHERE! If you had to bike from place to place your heart would give out by the ninth block, I SWEAR...

Anyhoo, here are some photos of my Sunday excursion to the Clermont Performing Arts Center for their annual Comic Con:

The Pikachu Car made it to Clermont! And was able to drive up those damn mountains!

There's Scott trying to keep things organized. Met Scott through City of Heroes and a couple of events he hosted at a comic book store he once owned in Clermont. If you wanna keep up with his antics, check out Florida Geek Scene!

Here's me getting set up at my table! Remembered the book display this time!

Getting all set up for the day!

Getting the cosplayers walking by my table! I am trying to time the photos so that the Clermont Comic Con logo will be on that screen.

There was a film crew working on a documentary at this convention.

WONDER WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Justice League is a good movie. Way better than the shoddy Batman v Superman.

Battle of the Planets! Sadly, no Voltron cosplayers!

The table next to me was selling vintage Star Wars action figures and toys.

OMG. There is a classic Chewie action figure WITH BOWCASTER RIFLE.

Yes. I bought it.

Another closeup of the display table, because...


And hey, huge shoutout to John Crowther and his family as they were at the convention promoting their Rochelle series as well as their wrestling comic books.

So all in all, it was a good day.

One last thing: I need to try and show just how mountainous Clermont is.

Happy Turkey Pagan Sacrifice Day to ye all!

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