Thursday, March 27, 2008

On Lib Guides

One project we're working on at my library system is branching out to different online resources various research tips, online references, and handouts that people can use to improve their skills and their access to library materials.

I've been working on something called LibGuides, which allows you to create a page with side menus and a main box of instructions/explanations. Like what we used to call Pathfinders as printed handouts, a LibGuide allows you to create a simple one-page tool that
  • Can list bits of information, such as book titles, names, items of interest;
  • Can allow you to link to that information;
  • Can allow you to type up instructions on how to use the library, or the computer, or the Internet, or any other thing that you might do in a library;
  • Can allow library patrons to access the information even from their homes, so you can assist in remote access stuff so patrons can do their research whenever and wherever.
My first project is creating an instruction page on how to sign up for free e-mail services. Typing up the instructions was easy. The tricky part now is putting in the damn illustrations... I'll let you know how it goes. ;)