Sunday, February 26, 2012

And Before I Knew It, I Was Back To Job Hunting

The reason - and it's a good one - I hadn't posted anything for most of February is because I finally got hired to a full-time job.

The reason - and it's a sad one - I'm posting now is because this Friday they let me go.  I hadn't even last a full two weeks.  Even my temp job with the US Census lasted longer.  :(

They said I was a good worker, reliable for the most part, it's just I was having problems with figuring out the proper Status settings to apply to the records I was tracking.  Because the team I was hired with was moving up to a higher tier project, they didn't want to waste everyone's time waiting for me to grok the proper procedures and so... out the door.

And so, back to the grind of finding someone who will hire me.  But now I've got this albatross of yet another workplace I didn't fit in: for three years I've been struggling to find a full-time job, and pretty much since 2011 onward trying to find even a part-time job.  If no one was taking a chance with me then, who's gonna take a chance with me now...?


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Got A Title Idea For a Story

It's set in my superheroes universe.  I just now have to write a story that'll fit the title... ;-)

Lemme get some of it typed before I tell all seven of you what it is.