Sunday, November 28, 2021

NaNoWriMo 2021 Results

 Well, I reach 50,000 words last night!

With it comes... a firm and hearty handshake!


/hits self

This is the part I keep messing up. Once the time constraints of NaNo are done with, I lose track, I lose focus, I LOSE what I was doing.

Keep kicking me, readers. Remind me to FINISH THE DAMN THING!

I'll see ya in December.

Monday, November 22, 2021

I Survived (I Think) Lake County Comic Con 2021!

Once, long ago, before the dark times, before the pandemic, I would make convention visits to Clermont FL for a Sunday comic con.

While the COVID situation remains fraught - even with the vaccinations and the booster shot I just got last week - it seemed safe enough to make a return trip. Except this year they weren't doing it at the Clermont center - I didn't ask but I expect the city couldn't afford yet to have it open - so it was in a meeting room at a gated community (Trilogy Orlando) north of Clermont. 

This year I brought some new items for sale: Mousepads with my "Definitions of a Witty Librarian" design. I also planned on giving away a Witty Librarian coffee mug in a raffle... except I forgot to pack the bloody coffee mug!!! (AAAAAAAAUUUGGGGHHH)

Missing from this photo: THE DAMN COFFEE MUG

And so, emotionally scarred by my failure to forget ONE THING that I always do whenever I go on these convention runs... I set up table and got to work! By... sitting there and waiting for customers to come to me, because I was working solo this Sunday.

I did have time to walk the floor once in a while (bathroom breaks)...

They had me in the corner of the room with the local chapter of the Ghostbusters! So every time the kids came by they played with the proton pack and made flushing noises (the traps disposal)...

I have to admit I also play a lot of Pokemon Go, and the thing is there's a mission requirement to get past Level 40 where you have to capture 200 Pokemon. Good news is, the Trilogy's center had three Pokestops you could load with Lures to draw in more than 200 Pokemon all day long... sooooo...
I also needed to take a picture of my Pokemon buddy at one point,
 which got photobombed by a Shinx!!!

In the good news category, I caught interest from a number of readers looking for new titles, and I made sure they left with at least bookmarks to think about buying one or more of the Strangely Funny books. Even better, two of them bought the print copies! One bought the first volume of Strangely Funny, and the other bought the last copy I have of the History and Mystery Oh My edition.

Nobody bought the mousepads though, so I have a glut at the moment. Anyone need a Witty Librarian mousepad?
This is what's on the mousepad, if you want it, drop me a line...

So here's hoping this was a safe and healthy comic con for all attendees, and that our Thanksgiving will be one of fun with family and friends!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Lake County Comic Con Sunday November 21: Be There And Be Square!!! ...Wait is that how it works...?

 Hola and opa, faithful followers of this blog!

I will make an Author's appearance at the upcoming LAKE COUNTY COMIC CON this Sunday November 21st opening at 10:00AM! It's at Trilogy Orlando in Groveland, FL, (exact address is 100 Falling Acorn Ave, Groveland, FL 34736 so you can GPS it) with tickets going for $8 a person.

This is slightly to the northwest of Clermont (emphasis on north), where I've been to previous comic cons this time of year.

I'll be selling copies of my story anthology Last of the Grapefruit Wars as well as volumes of the Strangely Funny anthologies containing my works, especially the latest work "War of the Murder Hornets!"

This year I'm including Witty Librarian mousepads for sale, and I will be holding a raffle drawing of a Witty Librarian coffee mug!

Some lucky winner will get this official Witty mug!!!

I promise to be fully vaccinated for the event - getting a booster shot this week - masking up and socially distancing, and I hope to see you there with appropriate CDC-approved style!

Monday, November 1, 2021

NaNoWriMo 2021 May GOD Have Mercy On My Soul

 I'm doing it. I swear to GOD I'm gonna finish a novel for once. I SWEAR TO THE ALMIGHTY KOALA OF STAR TREK THAT...