Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kitteh Update 4/27/14: It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Shy Simon seems to have found a home.  When I went by this morning to check, he wasn't in the shelter anymore.

All five of the kittehs I surrendered to Lakeland SPCA are off the adoption list now.  I hope that means they've found good homes.

To the hoomans that adopted
Please take good care of them.  Mama cat Ocean did all she could to raise them up healthy so they can see the world and live their cat lives.

Mal remains an energetic kitteh, pouncing, wrestling, fishing.  I can't tell if he misses his siblings, but he might.

Meanwhile, look at that adoption list link.  So many young kittens to adopt here in Polk County...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kitteh Update 4/24/14: Farewell Ye Ladies

Just checked the SPCA Florida Adoption page for Adopt A Cat, and it looks as though all three girls - Inara, River and Zoe - have been adopted.

'Tis a pity that Jayne and Simon haven't gone yet.  I know Simon's very shy and Jayne, being a solid black kitteh, will be one of the last ones adopted out: Sad but true - orange-colored and calico kittehs go first, then tuxedos, then tabbys, then solid blacks/whites.  Black cats in particular have that superstition onus that is totally unfair... but Zoe's been taken and she was solid black kitteh, so this is also a bias towards male kittehs, sigh.

As for Mal, he is currently tearing up the house with his Mach-3 speed and ongoing battle against a fishie dangly toy.  More on that later.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tweet Me: Follow #LibJobShadowFL Today As I Library Up

Follow Me @PaulWartenberg on Twitter today!  I'm tweeting as I work to demonstrate what happens at libraries, what we do to help people, and more.

I'm teaching a class this afternoon on Basic Computing - Internet.  Can I get a Woot! (or is that a Whoop?  I got confused about it)

#LibJobShadowFL #NLW14 #Libraries

UPDATE: I finished my run today on tweeting about working at the Bartow Library. You can check it out on Twitter via this link here.

That said, some documentation is in order...

For some reason over Easter weekend, a pair of free-range RV Campers were abandoned on the driveway into the library and city civic center (the grassy area where the tents are is Mosaic Park). Someone wanted to blockade the library. The RVs were moved eventually, but the mystery surrounding this event remains unsolved...

On Monday afternoons I teach computer class. Basic computing skills for the community of Bartow and surrounding cities. Today was Teh Intertubes! Many thanks to the attendees for being patient while I tweeted a few time during class (got to teach them Twitter in the process).

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kitteh Update 4/17/14: Mal the Wrestler

Mal, now with free range of the home, has turned into this explosive furball of energy:
He's trying to chew every power cord in the house...  Bit scared about that.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kitteh Update: Zoe video

No videos of Simon or River yet from the Lakeland SPCA, but here's Zoe:

Kitteh Update: Jayne video

Also also: Jayne, just chillin... wanting to high five a hooman.

Kitteh Update: Inara video

Update from the previous post: seems River was NOT adopted, she's back on the list :(  I hope it wasn't a bad thing happening to her...

In the meantime, the SPCA has a video clip of some of the kittehs.  Here's Inara:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kitteh Update 4/15/14: It's Fun To Stay At the S...P C A

...what?  the song just popped into mah head.

As you know, this Saturday I dropped off five of the kittehs - Inara, Jayne, River, Simon, and Zoe - at the Lakeland SPCA.  It takes a couple days of observation and treatment before the kittens are put out in the adoption rooms for the hoomans to walk in and go awwwwww.

The website is listing all of the available kittehs, and today all five joined the list...

Except River disappeared off that list in a damn hurry.

Kinda knew River would go early.  She's pretty, and active (she was the climber of the group, and the one most eager to hunt the dreaded danglely stringtoy).

To whomever adopted River from the Polk County area... I wish you luck, and I hope you're a good hooman for River to love.  Let me know how's she doing.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kittehs Gonna Plan a Jailbreak 4/12/14

Today was the day...

Today I took the kittehs in to the Lakeland SPCA shelter for adopting them out...

Jayne getting a goodbye hug...

Zoe telling me how much of an idiot I am...
Shy Simon needing a little propping so the Shelter lady can get a good picture...

Inara looking very miffed / annoyed that I'm holding her up like that...

River was the first one into the cage, last one out... She's the climber of the litter, so I let her climb up my shoulder for the goodbye hug...

These five kittehs have moved on to the shelter, where hopefully they'll get treated for their flea woes and then properly adopted out hopefully to good homes.  Maybe a family might take two or three of them as a group, so the siblings can grow up together...

I'll keep in touch with the shelter to see how they're doing, if they get adopted.  If anybody in Lakeland/Polk County adopt any of the kittehs, please swing by this blog and drop me a line, let me know if the kittehs are settling in...


Ocean doesn't seem to register yet that I came back without most of her kittehs.  Maybe by tonight it might sink in that it's just her and Mal now...  I hope she's content with the thought that she birthed a litter and that they were healthy enough to go out into the world...  I hope.

Friday, April 11, 2014

KITTEH VIDEO Attempt #458

Shall I doom you all with one final video clip of kittehs in my sunroom:

Did I say one?  I'll give you a second one...
Doing my best to get the kittehs talking before I pack them up tomorrow morning...  sniff... no... my babies... well, Ocean's babies, I just hung around taking pictures of them and dumping off dry food in the bowls...

Lemme know if the video clips work.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kitteh Update 4/10/14: Video Kittehs

Can I upload the video clips off my smartphone?
Attempting... attempting.........

It might work... If I can upload Mal and Ocean, maybe I can get the other kittehs...

Nope.  It's 223 MB of data, I'm getting error messages.  Might be too big a file.

Will attempt something else...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kitteh Update 4/8/14: Last Week With the Litter...

I have an appointment to take in five of the kittehs this Saturday.

Part of me knows I can't handle seven cats all my own.  Just had to waste 15 minutes this morning wrangling two cats - Ocean and Mal both refusing to stay in the sunroom - and three of the other kittens - River, Zoe, Jayne - now eager to cross the threshold into the house proper (Shy Simon and skittish Inara remain wary).

But part of me doesn't want them to go.  I'm worried the kittens might not find good homes.  I'm worried how Ocean might react to realizing her litter has been taken from her (I'm keeping Mal, that might help alleviate the loss).  I'm worried I'm gonna miss out on them growing up (the animal shelter's deal is: I cut off all contact with the kittehs.  no stalking them and their owners through the 'verse).


I've made some video clips, but I just found out my old digital vidcam with FireWire doesn't have a computer around with a FireWire port to plug into.  I need to find a FireWire/USB adapter and fast.