Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aftermath of the 3 Day Novel 2010

...my God, what have I done...?

95 pages worth.

30,000 plus words.

And it's relatively coherent compared to the earlier attempts I've made.

Dear God.  This just might work...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Three-Day Novel: 2010 Attempt

It's 8:04 am.  I am at the Panera Bread on the corner of Little Rd. and State Rd. 54.  I am beginning the 3-Day Novel contest... NOW!

"It was in the spring of my youth that my father sat down and told me about this dream he had of turning into a giant insect."  What, it's been done...?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Mix Of News, Good And Bad And Sad

There's a few things to note:

In the Good News category, Centennial Park Library in the Pasco Libraries system is going to stay open!  After the threat of closure by the county commission, the library got 3,000 plus signatures of support from the local community and was able to convince the commission to keep it open.  The Bad News: the state and the county are still tight against the budget, meaning cuts will have to come from somewhere else - jobs.  The commission will see about eliminating any current vacancies first, but if they have to they may cut existing jobs, which is still a bad thing to happen (as an unemployed person, I will be saddened by anyone else losing their jobs).

In the Sad News category: someone I knew from Tarpons Springs High School Class of 1988 passed away.  Mike McGee was someone I knew since middle school, actually, and he was who I considered a regular guy: smart enough to be in the good classes, popular enough to be in the good cliques, but thankfully not a total jerkass about it.  Played football, linebacker if I recall (EDIT: My brother Phil corrected me, said it was Offensive Guard).  Went to Florida State, got a law degree, went into Patent Law at a firm in Chicago.  Only saw him at the high school reunions, but I had emailed him once or twice about patent ideas I was bouncing about me brain (informal chats, really.  Any formal chat would have cost me!).  He got married, had  kids.
And then he got cancer and died yesterday from it.
I don't like death.  It ends so many chances, so many things to do, so many people to meet, so many regrets you're left with.  I'd like to think McGee didn't regret much: he lived in all respects - a family, children, a good job, God knows what adventures he'd had along the way.  The regrets are all ours now.