Sunday, June 28, 2015

Current Stuff: Writing Projects

Just to note, per my writing:

1) I will attempt Camp NaNo this July.  I hope to use the effort to finish Ocean Dancers from this past November: I seem to work better with timely updating...

2) My local writers group Writers 4 All Seasons should be getting a project completed soon, so, you know, YAY.

3) Trying to finish a short story in my superhero 'Verse right now.  So... shhhhhhhhhhh, I'm busy.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Florida Libraries: Standards and Outcomes

I've been on the Standards Committee for the past year for the Florida Library Association, and what we worked on was a revision of existing standards - something in need of updates - to try and establish something that had outcomes that could be useful in getting libraries better funding and public support.

The Standards are up on a blog provided by the Orange County (Orlando) Library System at this link, and you can see for yourself how we're setting up what libraries are doing and can do to where the outcomes are clear and where our needs and support have to focus.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Librarianship: Keep the Kids Reading

Just to note, it's summer.  Libraries use this time to encourage kids and teens to read.  It's helpful: it keeps the youth engaged in a needed skill - reading and literature - during the two/three months between schooling.

The theme this summer is Heroes, which is an appropriate one for meself as a fan of comic books and hero gaming.  Here at Bartow Public we're hosting a lot of superhero-themed events for the youngsters.  I worked with our Children's and Teen librarians hosting an event where kids got a superhero name and they crafted their own superhero outfits (although I would have said no to the capes like Edna would).

As such, I need to get this printed out and hanging on a wall at work:

Libraries run a READ campaign.

I really REALLY miss City of Heroes...

P.S. this is post 300.  Hi, everybody!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thinking About Camp NaNoWriMo

The thing about National Novel Writing Month is that not everybody can stay focused during November to do it.

Other months are possibilities to do some writing.  So the NaNo people started up these Camp NaNos in other months (I think April has one?) and they've got one starting up in July.

I'm signing up for it, on the hope that this will give me time and motivation to get over this damn writer's block and GET A DAMN NOVEL DONE.

I will keep you informed.