Paul Wartenberg developed an interest in writing as far back as the first grade, and pursued an interest in creative writing alongside studying for a career in journalism. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1992 with a bachelors in Journalism, but during his studies he worked as a part-time student at the campus library, which redirected his professional interests. He quickly went to the University of South Florida to study librarianship, earning a Masters in Library and Information Sciences in 1993.

His professional career has mostly been in libraries.
Broward County Libraries from 1994 to 2003.
UF Smathers Libraries from 2003 to 2006.
Pasco County Libraries from 2006 to 2008.
He is currently working as the reference librarian at Bartow Public Library.

Professional member of the American Library Association and the Florida Library Association, as well as the Suncoast Information Specialists.

He's been a resident of Florida since childhood, which means that, yes he has seen a lot of crazy stuff...

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