Wednesday, January 22, 2020

This Morning

I have to go in for surgery to scoop out a growth on my Pituitary Gland.

So, in possibly a bad idea of tempting fate, I offer you this.

Offer up all the Unitarian prayers you got, fellow librarians and writers.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Writing Motivation for Short Stories

There are a few simple tricks:

1) Write something simple. A short story doesn't require a lot of details or characters or sweeping Big Ideas to captivate a reader. Just write, something with a beginning, an event, and an end.

2) Write something for your character. You may, in your lifetime, invent a person that you think is cool and/or witty and/or fun to be with. So, give that character a moment in time to be all that. Hopefully other people will read it and like your character too.

3) Write something that gets an idea from thought to paper. Don't let the idea stay bottled up in your head. Commit to paper. Read it with your own eyes, and find the language to make that idea flourish.

5) Stay consistent.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Plans for 2020 As a Librarian and a Writer

Just a brief list of things I need to do this new decade.

Cancel my publications with Xlibris and reprint the short story collection in an updated work with newer stories and better editing. In this regards I need to finish two stories - one needs editing and one needs writing - to round off the collection.
Finish an extra story or two for submission to a particular online press that has certain story requirements. More on when I get those done.
Finish the NaNo novel from this past November 2019 because of the unfinished projects floating around in my head its one I feel best about getting done.

Take care of ongoing paperwork and responsibilities at my library, obviously. :)
But also get things prepared and ready for hopefully a new City Librarian (director) to take over operations
Once that's settled, get back into my reference librarian and tech assistance outreach.
Provide assistance to the FLA Scholarships committee I am currently assigned to. It's a big responsibility.

Cope with a major surgery later this month.

So... well, the days are packed aren't they?