Saturday, May 30, 2015

Documenting The Local Authors Event 2015

So, busy day today.  Driving in to Wesley Chapel for the Barnes & Noble Local Authors' Event.  Selling my wares, Last of the Grapefruit Wars along with the mystery anthologies Strangely Funny, Mardi Gras Murder and History and Mystery OH MY...

So.  Documenting the atrocities as it were. :)

Getting the selfie in as I set up at the table.

The store had tables set up on the second floor in designated areas.  I was set up in the Fiction area with two authors sharing the table and the conversations with the passers-by.  Take a bookmark, please!

Getting moral support from the editors in charge with Mystery & Horror LLC, publishers of the anthologies I had on display today.  Hi Sarah, Hi Gwen!

Sarah took a photo of me autographing Grapefruit Wars for her and Gwen.

The tree was sharing the table with us.  It had already sold all its books and was helping with the promotion of oxygen into the air.

Much of the event was spent sharing and chatting.  A few teens stopped by to ask about the writing method, getting published, stuff like that.  A few people took bookmarks.  Hopefully that means they'll download the ebooks sometime soon.

So how went your day?

(hurries off to finish writing some sci-fi shorts to submit somewhere soon)

Friday, May 29, 2015

TOMORROW! I Wanna See 100 Million Of You At the Local Authors' Event.

Final reminder:

Just to shill to the seven readers of this blog, I'll be at the Barnes & Noble in Wesley Chapel FL this Saturday May 30th from 2 pm to 4 pm selling my works.

Location is 28152 Paseo Dr
(southwest corner facing the intersection of
Bruce B. Downs and SR 56)
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
p: 813-907-7739

Just as a reminder, this is my stuff (available online through most book retailers, especially Amazon and

My collection of short stories, published 2003.
E-published, available as download.
I'm currently working on other stories
based in that superhero 'verse.

Contains my short "I Must Be Your First",
which has received great reviews!
Contains my short "Why The Mask".

Contains my short "The Dread Secret of
The Battle Of Los Angeles," based on a
Real Life incident in L.A. at the start of WWII.
E-published, available for download

E-published, sequel to "Welcome to Florida".
I would LOVE to have people show up and support local/independent authors. (hint: buy my books!)  We need to encourage more adult reading (buy my books) and we need to support our bookstores as fun gathering places (buy my books).

I hope to see everyone in Wesley Chapel this Saturday.  All one hundred million of you.  Right?
(p.s. buy my books)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cat Video For the Pre-Summer Madness

Wait, how does this work again...?

It's Ocean!  It's Mal!  It's a floor in need of vacuuming this weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Florida Library Association Conference 2015

I attended this past week, learning a few new things about the advocacy of 3D printing and makerspace planning for libraries.

I also attended as part of the Standards committee, where we presented the first draft of the revisions.  We are re-designing the guidelines to focus as much on outcomes as anything, and thinking of how the Public Library Association's planned revisions in 2017 will affect the various states (including our own).  I'd love to add a link to the first draft if I can find it... knew I should have written it down somewhere.

And if anyone's got pictures of the Standards presentation on Friday morning, please pass along.

Oh, and Ellen, I still owe you for the hot-spot Internet usage.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day to Ocean the Wiggle Cat

Looking back at the big moment for Ocean:

To all the hoomans who adopted River, Inara, Zoe, Jayne and Simon: let the kittehs know Mama Ocean is doing okay and misses them!

Friday, May 8, 2015

A Librarian-Jedi-Writer-Pirate-Geek Looks Back at 45

It's one of those round-to-five birth years again.  And another day of waking up, going to work, and regretting just a few of the things I still haven't gotten around to doing in life.

Not to say I should focus only on the regrets.  There's a few things I've gotten done with my writings and a few things I've done in my life worth doing.  I may miss my old friends, I do miss Tehya and Page my kittehs... but I don't regret having met new friends, and I don't regret having Ocean and Mal wiggle their way into my life.

So here I am at 45 years of age.
There's still a lot left to do.

Monday, May 4, 2015

I Feel a Disturbance in the Fourth, As Though Millions of Fans Were Blogging And Were Suddenly Geeked Out

It's May the 4th.

As in, May The Fourth Be With You.

And this is a good year to be a Star Wars geek as this is happening:

Chewie, we're home...
And yes, with The Force Awakens movie coming out December, we are indeed home...
I want that toy.  I really wanted a Falcon since I was kid, but the models were too big for the bookshelves in my room so I held back.  NO MORE.  I may be turning 45 this month, but with this series I am STILL that seven-year-old sitting in the Clearwater Bijou (sadly so long gone) watching the first movie A New Hope again and again...