Saturday, May 30, 2015

Documenting The Local Authors Event 2015

So, busy day today.  Driving in to Wesley Chapel for the Barnes & Noble Local Authors' Event.  Selling my wares, Last of the Grapefruit Wars along with the mystery anthologies Strangely Funny, Mardi Gras Murder and History and Mystery OH MY...

So.  Documenting the atrocities as it were. :)

Getting the selfie in as I set up at the table.

The store had tables set up on the second floor in designated areas.  I was set up in the Fiction area with two authors sharing the table and the conversations with the passers-by.  Take a bookmark, please!

Getting moral support from the editors in charge with Mystery & Horror LLC, publishers of the anthologies I had on display today.  Hi Sarah, Hi Gwen!

Sarah took a photo of me autographing Grapefruit Wars for her and Gwen.

The tree was sharing the table with us.  It had already sold all its books and was helping with the promotion of oxygen into the air.

Much of the event was spent sharing and chatting.  A few teens stopped by to ask about the writing method, getting published, stuff like that.  A few people took bookmarks.  Hopefully that means they'll download the ebooks sometime soon.

So how went your day?

(hurries off to finish writing some sci-fi shorts to submit somewhere soon)

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