Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Should Writers NaNoWriMo?

Working on my October presentation at the moment:

So why should writers sign up for National Novel Writing Month?

1) It's fun
2) You meet up with fellow writers
3) You get out of the house and head out to writing sit-ins at coffee shops (why Panera Bread doesn't sign on as a sponsor, I'll never know) that let you plug in your laptops
4) You get some writing done
5) You get to tell your Writer's Block to go pound the pavement
6) You get 50,000 words of a rough draft completed between the days of November 1 to November 30
7) You get encouragement to finish that rough draft into a larger novel (50,000 words is at best half the length of an average novel: roughly 150 pages)
8) You get accomplishment webpage badges for making it to the 50,000 word deadline
9) You get to impress that cute soup server at the local Panera Bread
10) For emphasis: IT'S FUN

I think I can get that into a pretty decent PowerPoint presentation, ya think?

oh and 11) You get an opportunity to get your finished work published on Create Space.  I think.  Will need to check NaNo's tie-in to that.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dropping An Old Website

I've decided I shan't keep up with an old html-based website any longer.

If anyone's got a link to it, wittylibrarian.com is no longer a functioning site.  If you keep getting its pages, it's only because it hasn't been fully decommissioned yet.

Please use the blog here for keeping up with my general off-kilter observations of librarianship, writing, and cats.  Thank ye.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Remind Me Of This From Time To Time

For the Florida Writer's Association gathering in Wesley Chapel this October, I got to have presentation materials for two things completed:

  • National Novel Writing Month - discussing the when, why, who, how, and what for the following November
  • How To Get Published To Smashwords - writing a story, getting cover art, uploading all of it, getting a default ISBN, publishing to ereader formats, self-marketing

Should have stuff in place by the end of August, have it proof-read by others and fact-checked besides.