Tuesday, April 21, 2020

National Library Week 2020

This would have been - April 19 through April 25 - National Library Week.

Sadly, we are in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic that has closed down our library to the public. We need to promote Social Distancing to reduce the risks of spreading the infection (and this virus is proving very easy to catch).

What I can do from here is to encourage everyone to keep reading through any of the ebook services our libraries subscribe to. Bartow for example has an Overdrive account, so you can either use the direct URL on your desktop/laptop to visit https://pclc.overdrive.com/ and plug in your library barcode and PIN numbers, or install the Overdrive Libby app on your tablet/smartphone and login through there.

We're also sharing connections to various FREE ebook and online resources that have made themselves available to the public during this pandemic, the link to which is on our library website https://www.cityofbartow.net/library and through THIS particular link (the URL is so messy you're better off just clicking the link I made).

I wish we were doing our library services directly to the public, but right now safety and health ought to be our priorities. So I do hope everyone is doing well.

We can always do our Library Week next year.