Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kitteh Update 4/8/14: Last Week With the Litter...

I have an appointment to take in five of the kittehs this Saturday.

Part of me knows I can't handle seven cats all my own.  Just had to waste 15 minutes this morning wrangling two cats - Ocean and Mal both refusing to stay in the sunroom - and three of the other kittens - River, Zoe, Jayne - now eager to cross the threshold into the house proper (Shy Simon and skittish Inara remain wary).

But part of me doesn't want them to go.  I'm worried the kittens might not find good homes.  I'm worried how Ocean might react to realizing her litter has been taken from her (I'm keeping Mal, that might help alleviate the loss).  I'm worried I'm gonna miss out on them growing up (the animal shelter's deal is: I cut off all contact with the kittehs.  no stalking them and their owners through the 'verse).


I've made some video clips, but I just found out my old digital vidcam with FireWire doesn't have a computer around with a FireWire port to plug into.  I need to find a FireWire/USB adapter and fast.

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