Monday, April 21, 2014

Tweet Me: Follow #LibJobShadowFL Today As I Library Up

Follow Me @PaulWartenberg on Twitter today!  I'm tweeting as I work to demonstrate what happens at libraries, what we do to help people, and more.

I'm teaching a class this afternoon on Basic Computing - Internet.  Can I get a Woot! (or is that a Whoop?  I got confused about it)

#LibJobShadowFL #NLW14 #Libraries

UPDATE: I finished my run today on tweeting about working at the Bartow Library. You can check it out on Twitter via this link here.

That said, some documentation is in order...

For some reason over Easter weekend, a pair of free-range RV Campers were abandoned on the driveway into the library and city civic center (the grassy area where the tents are is Mosaic Park). Someone wanted to blockade the library. The RVs were moved eventually, but the mystery surrounding this event remains unsolved...

On Monday afternoons I teach computer class. Basic computing skills for the community of Bartow and surrounding cities. Today was Teh Intertubes! Many thanks to the attendees for being patient while I tweeted a few time during class (got to teach them Twitter in the process).

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