Sunday, April 29, 2007

My first vacation away from this library

I went on my first full week-long vacation away from work (I had been hired here back in August, and had taken a few days off once or twice before but not a whole week). Things I planned on doing during the vacation:
  1. Start work on the Great American Trashy Political Thriller Novel. Results: 10 pages. *head thump*
  2. Visit Gainesville, FL, my old workplace to see how things were and how my friends there were doing. Results: Ate at a really good Viet restaurant on University Ave. just a block from the campus. Bought a t-shirt honoring the back-to-back basketball team heh.
  3. Attend the Bucs Draft Party for the 2007 NFL Rookie Draft. I had planned on going to NYC in person for the draft (hence the whole week off), but my brother canceled out due to work and so... Results: Got bored out of my mind because I went solo and didn't have anyone to hang with the whole time.
  4. Attend a Pre-Dating event in St. Pete and see if I could hook up with an interesting woman who likes me for me (36-yr-old Monty Python comic-reading geekoid who is owned by two cats). Results: met about 4 teachers, 1 desalinization expert, and zero supermodels. Oh, I did meet a few ladies who were impressed that Tehya is a jumper... but that was about it.
  5. Naps and plenty of 'em. Results: my cats are impressed that I'm lazier than they are. ;)
End results: ton of paperwork back at the office on Monday. And they say the Protestant Work Ethic is a good thing... :-/

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