Sunday, November 15, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 Day 15: Midway Day (Updated)

Say hello Day 15!

In a month of 30 days, that puts us in the midway point. In terms of word count towards 50,000 that means getting to around 25,000 words of your novel.

Among all the things that can happen on a Sunday, finding time to write the daily word count (1667) should not be too hard.

One other number to toss out there before I leave this opening thought: One.  As in, one novel to finish.  We're getting there.

I will add updates when I can.  Good luck.
We're all counting on you.

Update (10:51 PM EST): I know it's late, I'd been distracted most of the afternoon. Something I regret. However, I just got over the 25,000 word count. I hope to get a few more paragraphs in to feel better about this.

Hope you are all writing well!

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