Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kitteh Update 3/2/14: Today, They're Kittehs On Patrol

Just to note: one month ago, tonight, the mama kitty Ocean GAVE BIRTH!

Insert photo of panicking human here.

Meanwhile, one month later, the kittens are very much kitten-like in their willingness to crawl everywhere:
 They've found they can squeeze under the tv stand they're using as a nest shield, which worries me 'cause they might get stuck...

Meanwhile, here's Inara at the door, thinking over crossing the threshold.

And Mal, the bravest of the kittehs, making the effort to hop inside the home proper to sniff around.  He's not thrilled that his big hewman thing keeps grabbing him.

One month of kittehs.  I've been told it's one more month to go before... sniff, whimper... they gotta move away...

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