Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kitteh Update 3/19/14: Futon Fortress

If anything attracts a kitten faster than a dangling bit of string, it's a large cushiony thing like a futon.
 Took this picture a few days ago.

Took this picture last night.  Today all kittehs are rolling around on it, chasing each other, using the pillows as climbing steps.  You'll notice between Day One and Day Two I added an extra layer of plastic beneath the blanket.  These ARE kittehs and their potty training has been... well.  They need more practice.

They're getting old enough to be adopted out.  But I'm at that point of separation anxiety.  I can't keep them... but I don't want them to go.  The second I take them to the adoption shelter I'm supposed to cut off all contact... and I wanna see them grow up... :(

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