Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kitteh Update 03/08/14: Road Trip

To the Vet's office!

Mama Ocean does not like to travel.  She's shown a habit of peeing herself every time we hop in the car.

The kittehs were a little better behaved: at first they wanted to climb out of the box, but settled in by the time we reached SR 60.  By the time we got into the exam room they were trying to find ways of hiding under the blanket:

The braver souls kept poking their heads upward, looking at me with those soft kitty eyes that make you go AWWWWWWW...
The vet nurses determined there are three girls, three boys.  Grey is girl... the tuxedo cat with the white facial stripe is girl... one of the black cats is girl.  The tuxedo with the black face is boy, and the two blacks are boys.

I kinda figured out I would name them after the crew of the Serenity, but there's not enough names to go around.  The brave black boy cat is Mal, the girl black cat is Zoe, the remaining black cat that's standoffish is Jayne, the white stripe tuxedo is River (she looks much like her mom Ocean, the naming is a good follow-thru), the black tuxedo is Simon, and the grey cat, well... I was thinking Inara, but for some reason Kaylee makes sense too.  I'm torn between the names.  I do feel bad for Wash and Book that their names aren't available, but six kittehs is a handful already, if Ocean had a full nine I could name you all but aaaahhhhhhh that would have been an issue.

Anyway, before taking the kittehs home (vet gave them a a fecal check - negatives - and gave me oral meds for heartworm once a week) Ocean hopped into the box:
And before going home I swung by Bartow Library to show off the kittehs.  Ocean was very well-behaved and enjoyed the attention.  The kittehs were wondered at and praised for their prettiness.  Didn't think to get any pictures while there, I was so busy answering questions and telling tales about the birth night.

'Tis a pity that I got to put the kittehs up for adoption soon.  But I'm one human in a room of kittens and I can't take care of them all.  I may keep one, but I'm torn between keeping River (to pair with Ocean) or Mal (who's friendly with me).

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