Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weird. Traffic Bump just an hour ago from France.

I don't mind the statistics much, but the sudden bounce in views that don't link to a specific blog entry, and are coming from overseas, and are using proxy IPs for anonymous connections, kinda makes me wonder if my site's getting hacked or used without my knowledge somehow.

I'm not seeing any odd posts, or edits, or any spammer comments like I got back in 2010 from China.  Good Lord, I got Chinese spam that I could not read so I didn't even know if they were trying to reach me or leave some weird code for other people to read.  Ever hear about Number Stations?  They're these shortwave radio stations that only enthusiasts and spies listen to, and sometimes there's coded messages and stuff, and maybe this is some Internet based Number Station deal where they identify some low-traffic innocent bystander blog site and use it for codes and warnings and stuff.  Oh My God, my blog could be getting set up by... by... what's the French equivalent of the CIA?!  Damn.  I'm getting abused by the DGSE, I know it!

...Okay, if French intelligence is using my blog for coded traffic, they better compensate me by buying my ebooks.  And leave reviews for them on the retail sites!  Five stars, across the board dammit.  If the Chinese intelligence is using my blog, though, uh-uh, no way, not unless you confirm Tank Guy is okay and safe and stuff and you agree to allow multi-party candidates in your next election cycle.

...and now I'm in the mood to do a review of the James Bond movies...

(Update) My Horde allies are telling me this is common: spam bots creating traffic.  I should name my spam bots Coneheads because they come from France...!

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