Friday, August 21, 2015

There Is Still A Need For Blogging

One of my upcoming computer classes at the library is going to be on social media.

We still get patrons who are confused about certain media outlets such as Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter and Pinerest.  The class will cover some of that.

I'll also be going into blogging as well.

I've seen a few "Blogging Is Dead" articles online, which may sound like it's a fad that's passing into history, but I would disagree.

The blogging they're talking about is the paid-for professional bloggers, the media commentariat you see cross-pollinating on television and magazines and radio.  Many of them are opting out because of the time constraints and external pressures that blogging creates for them.

For the regular public, however, blogging still has its uses.

There are still social groups that can share information through a blog, track events, promote themselves or others.

There are still individuals marketing themselves as artists or professionals seeking clients or audiences.

There are local businesses who can use the effective page creation tools to set menus and directories of information, and maybe indulge in running diaries of projects or flights of whimsy related to their community/marketplace.

It's just when I teach this class I won't be using Blogger.  Sorry guys, I'm only here because Blogspot was cheap and easy back in the day before it merged with Blogger.  I'll be teaching WordPress instead because it offers a slightly easier Comments setup for people to install.

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