Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In Writing News: Realized I Need to Upgrade My XLibris Account...

...after all, I'd just moved and needed to give them updated mailing address and phone.

It's just two things:
1) Last time I checked in, XLibris had changed their Author Page login and

2) I realized my book with them, Last of the Grapefruit Wars, was no longer listed as an available ebook on  Having not updated my record, obviously, the whole thing had gone into suspended mode.

So, good news, got the account reactivated, updated my info, and got the Grapefruit Wars back on the ebook list.

Now, if I can get 50,000 people to BUY MY EBOOK...!

(Also found out an account purchase I made years ago that I found myself unable to finish and just ended up losing track of... is back in XLibris' records.  Now I HAVE to finish writing a book...!)

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