Friday, August 6, 2021

Updates on Writing August 2021

1) Still have not heard from the FWA Royal Palm judges about my five submissions this year. They HAVE started sending out notifications to others who I see online crowing about getting Semi-Finalist status, so perhaps in another week or two...

2) I had submitted a work I've done a few years ago - "Road Trip to Vegas" - to an annual Mensa fiction issue (I am a member since 2001) and just heard back that I didn't make the final cut for that. They did have 130 submissions this year, which is really tough to compete against.

I may just end up putting "Road Trip" in with another story collection to self-publish. I am looking to cancel my deals with XLibris because those books never did sell well, I needed to update Last of the Grapefruit Wars to a better collection, and this may be my next big project for the month.

3) Mystery & Horror LLC is reopening submissions for the next Strangely Funny anthology. I have a funny premise and need to flesh it out. We'll see how it goes.

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