Saturday, August 28, 2021

Keep Writing August 2021 Moments

Well, I finished a story today for another Strangely Funny anthology submission. It's a vampire story but it's NOT in the same 'Verse as my previous vampire (actually dhampyr) tales. We will see how it goes and if this time I win that damn t-shirt!

(is informed this is not the one with the t-shirt giveaway) AW FFFFFFFFFFFFFF--

In the meantime, I saw a Twitter posting for submissions to something called "Dose of Dread" tied into a Dread Stone Press, a sort of flash-fiction submission (between 500-1000 words) looking for straight horror. I do have a horror story of sorts sitting around that's EXACTLY within that word limit, so first day of it (Sept. 1st) I should put in for it. (I also wrote on the fly a humorous flash-fiction about how I first confused it as "Rose of Dread" and we'll see if the editor has a sense of humor) 


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