Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016: Getting to 50000 Words And More to Go

Getting to the 50,000 word marker is relatively easy if you've gotten things plotted out, you've gotten the characters lined up, and you avoid the pitfalls of painting yourself into corners that you didn't expect.

I'm hitting the 50,000 finish line a lot earlier than usual as well. Got a full week left of the NaNo campaign to get more of the bits and pieces I've got floating around here.

Next thing up is actually finishing the NOVEL ITSELF - something I haven't done in any previous effort. If I can focus on THAT...

Then I can worry about hiring somebody for the cover art. ;-)


  1. I think I have given up after 20K+ words. I've written some good scenes, but I wasn't really ready to write the book I started for NaNoWriMo. Beginner mistake. Still, not a complete loss. I'm glad I started it and started thinking about where it can go.

  2. Barbara, I stumbled my first two years. I've gotten better since then, but still haven't completed the full novel effort (there's 4 unfinished rough drafts cluttering my flash drive :) heh). What's important is you learn how to pace yourself, keep your interest in writing going, and how to reach for goals when you're working your novel.

    That's the good news in this: You've got 20,000 words that are now on paper. You can find the others and place them where they need to be.