Monday, January 4, 2016

Writing Plans for 2016... Wait, I Already Wrote This!

Freaking re-runs!!!


Writing projects listed in order of priority:

1) Short story for the Writers Group anthology planned for 2016.

On an aside note, there are plans to get the first anthology Stories for All Seasons done as a print book. So keep an eye out for that.

2) The NaNo 2015 winner rough draft Subway Night. Getting that done for editing/submission to ebook print.

3) Attempt to edit articles from my political blog into a non-fiction book.

I'm trying not to jump ahead into too many other writing projects for now. There are some ideas for my Talents superhero 'verse but I really need to avoid spreading myself out too thin.

I should also note I'll be goofing around at the Florida Library Association convention this year as always, and may even make an attempt to visit the American Library Association in Orlando this summer.

Unfortunately, I may have to miss going to any comic-cons this year. My budget's not looking good at the moment.


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