Thursday, January 14, 2016

And Now Blog Traffic from Russia is Going Through the Roof

For some reason, traffic from Russia is spiking for BOTH my librarian/writing blog here, as well as my political blog across the way.

I've had this happen before, with the French bumping my site with traffic for some reason last August. It's just never happened this much, going into the 1000s range on Notice A Trend just now.

All I can say it, yo RUSSIA! If you're abusing my pages for some kind of hacking or spying project, just don't. I don't need the hassles right now. The last thing I want is the FBI cyber people knocking at my door asking if I know anybody by the name of Katalyna Hotstotrockzy, 'cause I don't.

If you Russians wanna be anywhere near nice about what you're doing, just buy my books. I need the dues.

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