Sunday, July 26, 2015

Being a Geek Means Never Missing a Franchise Movie

Seriously.  Even if the movie looks to be bad in the trailers, if it's a franchise movie of a beloved geek-focused literary or televised series, YOU WILL GO SEE IT.

Ant-Man is a perfect example.

I didn't want to see it.  I didn't NEED to see it.  The trailer looked... weak... foolish somehow.  I figured beforehand that I could simply skip it coming out in the theaters and waiting for the DVD/Blu-Ray.

...I ended up going last Sunday during its first weekend.

Problem was, the early reviews for it were not that bad... the excuse of "oh no it'll suck" wasn't sticking... I had to... I HAD TO...

This is all just lead-in to one of the funniest YouTube animated series I've just come across called FanGirls done by OnlyLeigh.

Too many Marvel movies indeed...

...I loved how the lead insurgent was from House Stark.  And the eyebrow twitch she develops as Leigh speaks to truth.

Anyway.  Next Saturday is Tampa Bay Comic-Con.  See you there!

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