Thursday, November 27, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Welcome to the Speedbump that is TURKEY PAGAN SACRIFICE DAY


I think the reason why the NaNoWriMo site managers went with November as the Month of Writing is because Thanksgiving hovers here at the end of the month like a massive speedbump.  A huge distraction from writing writing and even MORE WRITING.  I mean, here you are with two to four days of NO WORK NO SCHOOL and you're well close to 50,000 words by now if you've kept at it, and you're thinking OH MY GOD I CAN FINISH UP NO PROBLEM.

And then you realize there's COOKING and EATING and WATCHING FOOTBALL and STUCK WITH CRAZY NON-WRITER RELATIVES who can't even comprehend the awesomeness that is getting a novel typed up.

And that's just Thursday.  Then there's Friday, which is pretty much a day off anyway for most of us, and BOOM THERE'S MAD SHOPPING FOR BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS or heading out to Busch Gardens/Disney/Universal Theme Parks with energy-sapping relatives who drag you everywhere instead of letting you get 2,000 more words in before that damn roller coaster ride that always knocks you unconscious from the g-forces.

You'll be lucky if you can get back into the writer mindset by Saturday.  As long as your relatives aren't college football alums and their schools are playing the BIG RIVALRY GAMES WOOHOO OH NO CMON WAR EAGLE BEAT TIDE.

This is like that part of the marathon where you've gotten your 20 kilometers in and you can feel the finish line and then there's this 80 foot hill with a 50 degree incline and potholes everywhere as your legs give out.

Thanks a lot, NaNo people.  You really know how to mess with our heads.


And enjoy the turkey sacrifice.

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