Saturday, November 15, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Midway Point Update

Hola and opa.

I'm currently past 25,000 words en route to hopefully a 5,000 word day to get to 30,000.  It'd be nice to have some clearance room to make the finish line.

One of the things I'm seeing on Facebook and Twitter is frustration: this is the point where writers are starting to think "I'm never going to get to the good parts" or that "my characters are going in directions I didn't want them to go."  Frustration is what drives writers to quit sometimes, even when the work is actually going places and getting things done.

I've found that not worrying about getting to the good parts isn't a problem.  Even if what you're writing right now doesn't look like it should be in the finished product, that's NOT your concern at the moment.  Editing comes later.  This is the rough draft.  Get all the words on file/paper NOW.  You can edit and fix story order, character traits, and other tidbits later.

Relax.  Your novel is SUPPOSED to be messy.  Keep at it.

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