Friday, February 14, 2014

Counting Out All The Times I Have Ever Moved

I think my family is one big group of experts on moving.  Dad was a Navy pilot, so there was that... Then there was college, work, college, work, loss of work, new work...

I might not even be sure of the number during my early childhood, mom and dad would know for certain.  But here goes:

1. Navy housing, Albany GA (early early)
2. Neighborhood, Albany (until 4)
3. Kempsville, Virginia (5 to 6)

Dad retires from the Navy.  Family moves to Florida to be near mom's parents in New Port Richey.

4. Tarpon Springs, FL (6 to 7)
5. Palm Harbor, FL (7 to 18)

Graduation!  On to college!

6. Gainesville, FL (GO GATORS) - Dorm living (18)
7. Gainesville - Off-campus Gatorwood Apts. (19) - no longer there
8. Gainesville - Oxford Manor (20 to 21) - rooming with my brother
9. Gainesville - apartment complex I can't recall name of, for about a semester (22)
10. Palm Harbor - back home between colleges
11. Tampa, FL - Graduate School USF (GO BULLS) - off-campus house (renting a room) (23)
12. Palm Harbor - back home looking for work

Hired!  Working for Broward County Libraries!

13. Tamarac, FL - Southgate Apt. (24 to 27)
14. North Lauderdale, FL - Parrot's Landing just down the road but a bigger place (28)
15. North Lauderdale - Move into a bigger apt. at Parrot's Landing (29 to 30)

Parents insist that I build up equity in owning a place, so... townhouse shopping!

16. Coconut Creek, FL - forgot the name of the place but it's on Carambola Cir. S. (31 to 33)

Got a chance to work at an academic library with my alma mater so... Back to Gainesville!

17. Gainesville, FL - seven months in a nice apartment, I still had to house shop so
18. Gainesville - nice three-bed two-car garage place (33 to 36)

Like it or not, Palm Harbor / Tampa metro is too much of a home for me, so circling closer back home I get a job at Pasco County Libraries...

19. New Port Richey, FL - nice two-bed one-car garage villas in Millpond (36 to 43)

I unfortunately lose my job two years in living in New Port Richey, so there's 4 years there of my poor parents helping with the mortgage payments (the horror of a lousy housing market prevents selling).  Got a job offer finally by 2013 and so

20. Bartow, FL - nice two-bed apartment (43 to now).

And now, the latest, hopefully LAST move I'll ever have to do...

21. Mulberry, FL - nice two-bed two-car villas/condo (now)

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