Sunday, October 22, 2017

I Survived the Florida Writers' Conference 2017... And Found Out I'm Using the Apostrophe All Wrong

(small no)

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times...

It was a long day for me, driving early to avoid the I-4 traffic even on a Saturday morning. I'd been up ever since 3 AM, so if I look a little pale or puffy eyed in my Selfie, well that's just me being a fat 47 year old.

I *am* cosplaying as myself for how I dress at comic-cons promoting my works.

At the writers' conference they host sessions on how to promote yourself, such as this one about "Book Promotion On A Budget" by Nancy Cohen...

There was a luncheon offered...

They ask a handful of agents and publishers to judge on a Gong Show event, where people give them a 2-minute pitch (more than an "Elevator Pitch" but not a whole summary) about their books. When I attended two years ago, the judges were pretty harsh (and I intentionally flubbed it just to be the class clown for the day) but this year they were more complimentary in their critiques (and this year I think most of the attendees figured out how to do it right).

Oh, and there was CAKE.

As far as motivation towards writing, I've gotten some pep talk from two of the attendees, and so I hope to get at least one project completed before the NaNo stuff overwhelms me.

Good luck.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Looking at places for NaNo Write-Ins in Lakeland

There's been a suggestion for using the Starbucks at Lakeside Village (just off Harden Blvd). as a possible Write-In locale.

Checking it out now. The best thing is that the big tables in the middle of the bistro have power outlets underneath, meaning people can use laptops and tablets during the Write-Ins.

Now it's a question of figuring out the best evenings to host them.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Getting Prepped for NaNoWriMo

October 1st means we're one month away from attempting another NaNoWriMo!

I need to coordinate with the others in Lakeland region and get the word out.

Here's to getting 50,000 words of a novel done!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Special Deal on Strangely Funny III

Okay, thanks to the publishers at Mystery & Horror LLC, there's a 50 percent off code for the anthology Strangely Funny III.

All you have to do is go to the Createspace market at and type in this code when you get to the Checkout:


and that will make the item half-off.

If you do purchase the book, please take the time to read my story "Minette Dances With the Golem of Albany" and please leave any reviews of the book because the authors who contributed to these anthologies need the uplifting motivation (well, if you liked the story, if you didn't at least make note of our proper grammar and use of punctuation).

Monday, August 21, 2017

I Survived Epicon 2017. Did You?

My biggest regret from the weekend trip was not getting to hear "Hit the Road Jack" over at the Ray Charles statue.

In the meantime, I documented the atrocities. Have a look!

Every librarian has the habit of visiting other libraries when they travel.

This is the main library for the county system.

The Ray Charles Plaza across from the hotel.

Piano keys motif! There are speakers around the monument, but the water fountain made too much noise...

Getting set up Saturday morning at my convention booth!

I keep working on my arched eyebrow look.

This is my official Geek Cosplay outfit. I'm dressing like I did in college.

Early morning crowd as the events pick up.

Pokemon Cosplayers. I think. I know the one on the right is a Pikachu.

A view of the main panel booth, taken from the above center seats.

One tip for running an Author/Artist booth: Have something to attract the passers-by.
Hence the bowl of candy.
If I learned anything on this trip to Albany GA, it's that the people here LOVE KIT KAT BARS.

Zatanna Cosplayer posing with Captain America Cosplayer.

Anime/Manga Cosplayers... for something I haven't read or watched. Hopefully someone will tell me.

I think this is a gamer Cosplay. The Armor and Weapon most likely shaped foam, to keep it lightweight.

Alice in Wonderland Cosplay!

Wonder Woman! And Dark Knight!

Wonder Woman didn't want to fight Bats, but we talked her into
humiliating him instead.

A big reason I traveled up for Epicon was to visit Albany itself. I was born here,
but haven't been back since the family moved in 1974/75 to Virginia. It took some time
following directions from my parents, but I found the road where we lived when we left.
I vaguely remembered how the road was straight, with large front yards and tall trees.
Sadly, I did not sell any copies of the books I brought to the table, but attendees did take some of my bookmarks and contact info, and also the coupon for 50 percent off on any Createspace purchase of Strangely Funny III (which contains the apt story "Minette Dances With the Golem of Albany."). If anyone wants the coupon code, please email me and I'll forward you the code!

Friday, August 18, 2017

EPICON 2017: I Got Georgia On My Mind

So here I am in Albany, Georgia. Where I was born. Hadn't seen the place since 1974. So of course I can't recall a single thing about the city. Parents can't even remember which street we were on.

Still, this is a big weekend for me, as I am doing my first comic-con as a guest author, selling my works and sitting in on a discussion panel! Link here for info.

Photos of everything coming soon. For now, pictures of the county library and the Ray Charles memorial!

You can't see it behind the trees, so...

Saturday is the big day! Hope to see you here!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Getting Ready for EPICON 2017

Okay, so do I have everything packed???

Clothes, maybe. Toothbrush, think so. Deodorant? (sniffs) Yeah, I'm gonna need three more sticks.

Got copies of my books and anthologies to sell.

Got a Book Stand to display them.

Got a Promotional Banner to show behind the vendor's table.

Got driving directions.

Got a hotel reservation.

Got music burned to iPod AND CDs depending on which format the radio takes (going be driving dad's station wagon, the parents worry about me in an SUV).

Got bookmarks and display materials.

Got pens to autograph any book I sell.

Got Paypal on my smartphone for card purchases.

Got Shoes, Shirts, Dice.

What am I forgetting?


I'm always forgetting something.


I hope to see you all at the Albany Civic Center on Saturday August 19th for EpiCon!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Update on Gent 8/7/2017

My co-worker Melissa let me know this afternoon that Gent found a hooman and a forever home.

Best of luck to you, Gent. I hope you're going to a safe, happy place with good hoomans and/or fellow kittehs.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Clermont Comic Con November 2017: Author Time!

I'm making arrangements right now to attend Clermont Comic Con on Sunday November 19 2017 as an Author.

More local communities are hosting their own scifi/fantasy/comics conventions, noting the modern appeal of cool geek. You don't have to go to a major Con in a large city anymore. Well, actually, you kinda want to because you get to see more A-List celebs and artists, but hey, any chance to hang out in public dressed as Batgirl is a good plan.

Don't forget I have a trip to Albany GA this month, for the Epi-Con on Saturday August 19th! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gent Is Now Looking for a Forever Home

Melissa took the kitteh to the Lakeland SPCA, and he's on their website now for adopting!

Awwww look at him he's such a kitteh!

I hope there is a kind and loving family in Polk County FL looking for a friendly, purrfect tuxedo kitteh who will rub their legs and purr like a Porsche engine.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Foster Kitteh Update 7/15

It's kind of a good news bad news thing.

The local SPCA agreed to take Gent in for their adoption program! Good news!

Gent is getting surgery for neutering, due to population control stuff regarding the feral cat/dog problem. Sorry, dude. Bad news.

Gent continued to behave like a gentleman when he got to the shelter, so they figure he will be easily adopted! Good news!

I miss him already. He was playful, affectionate, eager... Sniff.

I will see about stopping by in a few days and check on him.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Submission Time

I've been going through the backlog of short stories, looking to see what can be cleaned up for submissions, and I came across "Target Unknown," a scifi story that I've been dabbling with off-and-on since the 1990s that I've tried submitting before with no success.

So I cleaned it up a bit, and I found a place to shop it. (Thanks to Gwendolyn Kiste for her monthly submission suggestions!)

Electric Spec is an online quarterly, and the story fits within their guidelines, so...

Here's hoping!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Caturday: Fostering Gent w/Update

I am helping out with a library co-worker with fostering a feral kitten rescued from the Bartow Civic Center a few days ago:

He's an 11-week old tuxedo kitten who had a sibling reverse-tuxedo being fostered by someone who plans on adopting the brother. This one has health issues including an infectious respiratory illness, so I had to isolate this kitten in the guest bedroom.

He also has, sadly, a gimpy leg. Somehow one of his hind legs got broken and did not heal properly, so he doesn't sit up well. He *is* however still able to run fast, using his gimpy leg to steady himself as he does.

He purrs near constantly, wants to chase after toys, and has been receptive to a human presence. I have to keep interacting with him so that his feral instincts don't return.

I've taken to calling him Gent, because he is so well-behaved. He does not cause the property damage that Mal tends to create.

Speaking of Mal, I need to add a video of the two meeting at the room's patio door as soon as I can.

UPDATE: Here we go (had to add it to YouTube first):

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Why My Book Covers Will ALWAYS Be Blue

The dread secret at last revealed.

lean in, let me tell you...



(looks askance for a moment)



Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to Ocean the Wiggle Cat

Mal's too busy hiding under the bed to do it, so here's me honoring Ocean for her matriarchal instincts.

To the hoomans who adopted Zoe, Jayne, Inara, River and Simon, I hope they are well and let them know that their mommy is contently stalking the lizards at our windows...

Friday, April 21, 2017


As a science fiction geek and struggling writer, I NEED THIS.

The map is via Boing Boing, and is derived from an online thread from forums.

Doesn't matter if it's Star Trek, Babylon 5, Blake's 7, Doctor Who, or Red Dwarf. This map is YOUR 'VERSE!

Except for Firefly. Miranda's not on this map.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Writing Projects April 2017

There are at least three things on my writing agenda:

1) Camp NaNo, to finish a novel on SOMETHING.

2) Florida Writers' Association annual anthology, due April 30th.

3) A short story on the current political  climate, which might get me over my writers' block (yes, I am blaming trump for this).

Wish me luck.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017