Sunday, October 22, 2017

I Survived the Florida Writers' Conference 2017... And Found Out I'm Using the Apostrophe All Wrong

(small no)

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times...

It was a long day for me, driving early to avoid the I-4 traffic even on a Saturday morning. I'd been up ever since 3 AM, so if I look a little pale or puffy eyed in my Selfie, well that's just me being a fat 47 year old.

I *am* cosplaying as myself for how I dress at comic-cons promoting my works.

At the writers' conference they host sessions on how to promote yourself, such as this one about "Book Promotion On A Budget" by Nancy Cohen...

There was a luncheon offered...

They ask a handful of agents and publishers to judge on a Gong Show event, where people give them a 2-minute pitch (more than an "Elevator Pitch" but not a whole summary) about their books. When I attended two years ago, the judges were pretty harsh (and I intentionally flubbed it just to be the class clown for the day) but this year they were more complimentary in their critiques (and this year I think most of the attendees figured out how to do it right).

Oh, and there was CAKE.

As far as motivation towards writing, I've gotten some pep talk from two of the attendees, and so I hope to get at least one project completed before the NaNo stuff overwhelms me.

Good luck.

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