Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Another Big Birthday for a Big Panfurr: Mal the Krazy Kat!

You might remember the story of how Ocean the Wiggle Cat decided the Fourth Quarter blowout of Seattle over Denver in the Super Bowl was the best time to give birth, and how it ended up with three six tiny little kittehs entering the world! 

Of those tiny kittehs, one remained with me, Mal the Krazy Kat, a mighty Pan-Furr (play on panther) of the house. And a big one too, he's two armfuls to hold!

Here I am trying to talk to Mal to stop him from abusing my face (ow ow ow):

See how mean he is to me?!


Never mind, I snacked him today for his birthday! This makes him... 7 years old now. Time flies when you're wagging that tail.

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