Thursday, August 8, 2019

Regarding the 2019 Royal Palm Literary Awards Status

You might recall earlier that my story "The Pumpkin Spice Must Flow" was up for Semi-Finalist status under the Published Story category, which meant a likely shot at the Finalist status and with luck a Top Three win this October at the RPLA.

Welp... It didn't get to Finalist.

Ahh, well. It probably wasn't to everyone's tastes.

The other fiction submission "Road Trip to Vegas" never even cleared the Semi hurdle. Meanwhile, I never really heard back on the submission for the Blogging category. The judge reviewing the article I sent noted some of the links were broken and asked for fixes, but what I sent them probably did not help.

It's gonna be a quiet year for me after all. Unless I can get my muse to answer my calls...


  1. Sorry to hear that--you have a unique voice!

    Do you look for contests only, do you look for publication in anthologies, or do you think you'll self-publish?

    I went back and discovered that I have 44 stories that can be entered for contests / publishing. But I've only submitted 5...

  2. I don't always look for contests, I try to look for submission places for my short stories as well. I have self-published, but I am looking to redo my collection and republish elsewhere as the current service is not treating me well.
    I've been trying out this Submission Grinder thing as a means of looking for current anthologies/resources for story publication. It's been about the same as before electronic submitting came into practice.