Saturday, July 1, 2017

Caturday: Fostering Gent w/Update

I am helping out with a library co-worker with fostering a feral kitten rescued from the Bartow Civic Center a few days ago:

He's an 11-week old tuxedo kitten who had a sibling reverse-tuxedo being fostered by someone who plans on adopting the brother. This one has health issues including an infectious respiratory illness, so I had to isolate this kitten in the guest bedroom.

He also has, sadly, a gimpy leg. Somehow one of his hind legs got broken and did not heal properly, so he doesn't sit up well. He *is* however still able to run fast, using his gimpy leg to steady himself as he does.

He purrs near constantly, wants to chase after toys, and has been receptive to a human presence. I have to keep interacting with him so that his feral instincts don't return.

I've taken to calling him Gent, because he is so well-behaved. He does not cause the property damage that Mal tends to create.

Speaking of Mal, I need to add a video of the two meeting at the room's patio door as soon as I can.

UPDATE: Here we go (had to add it to YouTube first):

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