Friday, September 23, 2016

Stat Tracking That Worries Me, September 2016 Edition

My blog keeps getting pinged for 30 views every 4 hours.

No articles read. Just views of the general web address. And it's always 30 views.

I'm pissing off Canada or Russia again, aren't I? Or is it those Chinese commentators, back to find out if I ever published more superhero novellas?

The world is after me now.

Just buy my damn books, you spammers. It's the least you can do.

Update: Oh no.

It's gone up to 31 views every 4 hours.

Revision to the Update: It's gone back down to 30 views.

Look, this is weird and unsettling and I'm worried somebody's trying to break into my blog account. If anybody knows how to filter this out so that the only ones I get are the Internet surfers looking to buy my books, please tell me.

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