Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another Caturday in March 2016

Well, I couldn't stay away on this topic, and I also needed to mention my kittehs' current status.

As it were, their claws needed clipping: I can't do it by myself, neither Ocean nor Mal will sit for me long enough, and I can't train them to accept it. They never equate the snacks I try to bribe them with towards good behavior on their part.

Also, Ocean had been getting mottled (?) matted (!) hair along her back for the past year since her vet's visit, and she needed a bath and grooming.

Unfortunately, it was so bad that the cat beautician had to shave.

She's pretty much in the need for a kitteh sweater to wear right now.

She was not happy about this.

And it turns out the reason why Ocean was getting matted fur was due to her unable to clean off the oils during a cat's natural tongue-bathing. And she wasn't doing that because it seems she still has tapeworms.

She may have had it from being a feral kitten when I adopted her, she may have picked it up from the fleas that were in the townhouse we moved into, I thought I had treated her for the fleas - hadn't seen them since her treatments - and thought she had taken enough of the pills I tried to serve her that the vet gave me. Apparently, Ocean still has the parasite in her. Mal likely does as well (although his fur is fine).

Poor kittehs.

And Mal's hissing at her because the bath and grooming probably makes Ocean smell different now. This afternoon has been a series of hiss staredowns.

Poor poor kittehs.

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