Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's a Geek Life Reboot 2015: X-Files Is Coming Back

Cross-posted from my political blog:

From that, my massive output of writing during the 1990s revolved around what I called Senseless 'Shipper Surveys, an episode recap done in a humorous vein around how much that episode involved the 'Shipping and how silly Mulder got while St. Scully lorded over all. I had a major section of a personal website (ye olde wittylibrarian.com site) devoted to it (the other half was to following the Tampa Bay Bucs).
The website is gone - I got to the point I couldn't afford to pay the domain rights - but I've got those old surveys on file somewhere. I am sorely tempted to waste a lot of my time re-posting them online.
Just how many blogs should I be running at one time? I may need to grab another Blogger address...

Well, should I re-post the Senseless 'Shipper Surveys?  Yay or Nay?
UPDATE: I went Yay.  Created a new blog at http://xfilesshipper.blogspot.com/  So here goes with the re-edits of pre-HTML5 code...

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