Saturday, December 14, 2013

200th Post: Also, Caturday. Also, New Cat

For my 200th post on this blog, here's a picture of a cat.

This is the cleanest picture I can get at the moment.  The cat is damn wiggly.

The month before Halloween, Tehya my Pretty Kitty developed a severe case of lung cancer and I didn't realize it until it was too late the week before.

It had been two years since I lost Page my Silly Kitty to skin cancer, the Monday before Thanksgiving.

On Halloween night, sitting around my apartment complex - in an empty place - wondering where all the trick-or-treaters were, I hear this meowing.  At the base of the stairs was this little kitten, clearly hungry, wanting attention and food and love.

With nothing else to do, I raced out to Publix for packets of cat food, paper plates to put 'em, and put the food out.

A trio of cats emerged from the bushes to partake, and before I knew it me and my neighbors had settled into taking care of two cats, the meowy kitten and an older (by a year) grey cat.  Both of them were literally skin and bones.  We fatted them up and they were content.

The black-and-white kitten quickly grew brave and learned to race up the stairs to my apartment, and finagled his/her way in past the door to check my place out and recognize I had cat toys still about, and got to wiggling about on the floor contented and purring.

After more than a month of doing this and finding out no one else had reported a missing kitten or twelve, of figuring out the poor things were most likely abandoned - ferals are NEVER this friendly - and in need of a home, noting I only had the budget for one cat to join me, I succumbed to the inevitable that the kitten I had nicknamed Wiggle was my cat, and took him/her today to the vet to proceed adopting it.

The nurses told me Wiggle was a girl cat.

Wiggle is more nickname than name.  I needed a good girl cat name.  The nurses suggested I get one from a book.

My smartphone has ebooks on it.  I opened up my Nook reader and the first book up was by Neil Gaiman.

Her name is now Ocean.  If you've read Neil's book, you'd know why.

My Wiggle Cat.

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