Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NaNoWriMo Update 11/6/13

Currently left the word count at 14,000 or so words by November 5th.  I am technically a little ahead of the curve: last Saturday was a huge burst of writing that's gotten me this far.

The project itself is not a novel, but a collection of stories placed in a created universe.  I'm mostly in on one story at the moment, about 2/3rds done on it.  I've started four other stories that will make part of the anthology, and hope to have at least 8 of the stories completed to within the 50,000 word count for NaNo.  I may exceed it by adding another story or two.

But the key point is, I've got the groundwork set.  Now I've got to get the framework mount and the drywall placed.

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