Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Feel A Disturbance In The Force... Oh, It's Just Goofy

The latest news getting all geekdom atwittering:

Disney has bought out LucasFilm aka the Star Wars franchise, and is already working on making Episode VII scheduled for a 2015 release.

Which brings up the big questions:

1) Will Princess Leia be included in the Disney Princess line-up?  If she does, she better be wielding a lightsaber!

Thank God for Deviant Art! (this was the kid-friendliest version I could find.  The rest were Leia in her other costume... yeah, THAT costume...)

2) Is Disney buying up every geek-loved franchise out there?  First it was Marvel... Now Star Wars... Oh dear God, RUN DOCTOR WHO RUN!

3) Will Disney make the planned sequels more akin to how they handled Pirates of the Caribbean - which were darker and edgier than most Disney-made films - or will they make 'em like their cable channel kid-friendly what-the-hell stuff?

4) And the most important question of all: will Mickey be tempted to the Dark Side by Darth Duck?

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