Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Librarian Is

Derek Thompson posted on The Atlantic the other day this article "What People Don't Get About Working In A Library".

Naturally, I posted my own response, defining in my terms what a Librarian is.

Librarian = Bibliographic expert.

Librarian = Research specialist.

Librarian = Hunter-Gatherer of the Information Savanna.

Librarian = Finder Of Secrets.

Librarian = Wielder of Reader Advisories.

Librarian = Party Organizer and part-time Hogwarts Professor Impersonator (true.  I got a photo of me in a Hagrid outfit around here somewhere...).

Essentially, to me a Librarian is a key player in the Information Age, the professional who can store, sort, index and locate all forms of materials in all formats (print, audiovisual, electronic).

Don't sell us short.

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