Saturday, April 2, 2011

This Is A Month Of Blogging

I might not succeed.

Andy from Ta-Nehisi's Open Threads mentioned that April is supposed to be a month of daily blogging, a means of getting bloggers more active in the actual act of blogging.  You see, outside of the professionals who are paid to blog as a means of reporting, most amateur bloggers are... inconsistent.  Sometimes not even blogging for months on end.  When that happens, people who might read that blog tune out, traffic decreases, the possibility of getting your words seen and recognized fades.

So, to blog each day.

Like I said, I might not succeed.

At least not here.

I do have another blog, one where I am more active: my political blogsite The Amendments We Need, although it's been awhile since I've posted any amendment ideas...  The deal with that one is, well, it's more biased, and little bit angrier, and a lot more profane (kids, cover your eyes).  It doesn't have much to do with my writing interests and my librarianship profession, which I separated to this blog here.  Thanks for visiting, by the way.

What I may try to do is blog alternately, once here, once there.  But again, this is a busy month for me, and there's about 20 other real-life things I got to be doing around here.

So I might not succeed.

Check with me by April 30th.


  1. I have to disagree with Yoda on the whole "try/do" controversy. Trying is worth points.

  2. I think we may have ourselves a little writing group gathered here. If we were the Rolling Stones, then I'd say Andy is Brian Jones. Lets have some fun!

    P.S. - Your Site looks really clean and concise.

  3. except for the comment authorization -- caaaaaawwwwmm On.

  4. I have Comment Authorization on because I got hit with Chinese spammers when this place had an open comment field. Is there an alternative I should be looking at?

  5. At least your blogger blog lets me post, I tried like 6 times at 3 yellow plums.

    I strongly prefer WP to blogger, but that's just me. I used blogger maybe 4 years ago and it drives me crazy. I still hate trying to comment on blogger blogs because it's kind of just a roll of the dice that determines whether or not OpenID is working at any given second.