Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm getting spammed by the Chinese?

Last two entries had comments on them trying to link to other locations on the 'Net.  No comments at all, just the links.  That never looks good, so I trashed them.

If you Chinese guys adding comments are really reading this, could you at least put in a sentence or two so I know I'm not getting spammed by 'bots?  Better yet, can you guys go on and buy my book?  Awesome sauce!

Update 11/24/18: All this week I've seen a serious uptick in traffic to this article. Oh, great, I did something to anger China again.

Dammit, you guys, will you AT LEAST leave a comment in English because I can't read Mandarin or Cantonese or Klingon! AND BUY MY BOOKS!

Update 3/30/19: And the Chinese are back. Traffic to this article is just... meaningless without an honest comment below. IN ENGLISH! You're dealing with a guy who flunked out of college-level German, OKAY?! /headdesk


  1. Yeah, I'm getting spammed by the Chinese.

    Look, guys, did you at least buy my book?!

  2. 金銀愈加磨鍊,愈加光亮,人生愈加考驗,生命愈加光輝。......................................................

  3. Okay. Remind me again how to block the spammers?

  4. I am returning to the scene of this crime because my blog tracker is showing a ton of views. Are you back to buy my books, China?!

  5. Dammit China, I'm busy watching The Quiet Man today! I don't need your spam hits!