Thursday, July 5, 2007

Helpful hint to all library patrons

And by patrons, I mean those who come to the libraries (patron is a formal term for library user).

Ahem. The helpful hint: Please, it would really help just even a little bit if you could remember to bring your bleeping library card to the bleeping library.

I mean, you've planned on coming to the library. You should think that having the library card on you would be useful at some point, correct?

More and more, you need your library card with you, not just for checking out books but also taking care of so many other things at the library. Logging onto computers now uses a time reservation system that requires you to have a library barcode number. Placing books on hold, or on request, that needs your library card. ILL requests? Oh yeah, library card needed. Getting into the bathrooms? Well, that still requires the door key, but in the future well you never know.

I keep getting amazed how people keep forgetting to bring their library cards with them. Libraries nowadays try to make it even easier, giving out keychain versions of the library card so people can have them handy, after all no one goes outside without their house and car keys right?

One of my staffers noted that people who forget their library cards tend to also forget their driver's licenses. So to all highway patrollers and county sheriffs out there, when you pull someone over please ask for their library cards. If they don't have their library cards you can be certain they won't have their driver's IDs either...

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